If you are looking for a highly trained and trusted floor care company that offers tile and grout cleaning in NYC, Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC is the best choice for you. Whether it is a living room or an entire building, we offer affordable rates and a 5 star cleaning service. We have years of experience in cleaning tile and grout and you will get professional service and results.

We know how important it is to have a clean tile floors that improve the appearance on your home or office. Dirty tile floor will ruin the appearance of your home and create a bad impression on visitors. Because tile and grout are porous, dirt and grime can get trapped and are not easy to remove. For thorough grout cleaning and like new tiles, call Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC.

Why Choose Fantastic Carpet Cleaning

tile grout cleaning manhattanOur deep cleaning can remove the dirt and grime stuck in the file and grout. Moping cannot remove dirt embedded in the porous grout. Without a deep cleaning, the grout will look dirty and ruin the appearance of your home or office. Also, bacteria can grow in grout, creating nasty odors and unhealthy conditions. That is why you need a professional cleaning to restore your tile floor to like new condition and remove grime and bacteria.

At Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC we only use the best tile cleaning solutions and equipment. First, we spray the tile with our pre-spray that loosens and breaks down dirt and grime but also contains enzymes that eat odor causing bacteria. We then use a scrubbing machine to agitate our cleaning detergents to break down and lift the grime from the tiles and sanitize the floor. After the scrubbing brings all the grime to the surface we use a powerful vacuum with a suction brush to remove the grime and water leaving your floor looking just like new and ready for use.

Seal Your Tile and Grout

Is your tile and grout sealed? Getting your grout sealed will make cleaning easier and ensure it will last for a long time. If your grout is not sealed, we can seal it after cleaning and save you hours of mopping.

We Clean Tile and Grout in Offices and Buildings

tile and grout cleaning nycFantastic also cleans offices and entire buildings. Do you need tile and grout cleaning in Manhattan for your building, we can handle that. Need your home tiles to look like new? We can deliver that quickly and below your budget. There is no job too small or too big for us. We recently cleaned the tiles in 2 buildings with 27 floors each and that includes the lobby, hallways, and compactor rooms.

Get a Free Estimate!

We are more than happy to come over and discuss your tile and grout cleaning project with you. Call us at (646) 661-1147 and we can schedule a free visit at a convenient time. We are a fully insured company and can give you a customized cleaning package that fits your budget and time frame.