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What is the Best way to Clean a Rug?

Are you the proud owner of an antique Persian rug and want your rug cleaned by professionals? Alternatively, have you invested over the years  in stunningly beautiful contemporary rugs and carpets that you want to keep looking their best? While DIY rug cleaning tips can be found online, it is imperative if you own a high-quality rug to only  work with professional rug cleaners who know how to maintain the color vibrancy, texture, and overall visual appeal of a rug.

Why PH & Dye Bleed Testing is Vital

carpet cleaning queensWhether your rug is an antique or a shag rug, it is vital prior to cleaning to always carry out a thorough pre-inspection of a piece of rug. Moreover, the reason for this is simple:
Prior to cleaning a rug, any evidence of material wear and tear needs to be addressed prior to rugs being subject to any kind of hand or mechanical beating process. At the same time, our own pre-inspections help eliminate dye bleed during washing, by identifying dyes, rug pH values, and particularly delicate material compositions.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC  believes that the best way to clean any rug starts and ends with using only the gentlest detergents and most state-of-the-art rug  cleaning equipment.

Our first step is to use a  mechanical rug beating machine to remove physical dirt before immersing rugs  in pH optimized water and detergent baths. Once the rug is submerged in our cleaning solutions, dirt and stains are loosened from the fiber and then removed as the rug is brushed. With a thorough rinsing, your rug is now dust and allergen free.

Post immersion, we then use a specialized centrifuge to remove water and expedite drying times, before hanging rugs to dry in our specialized temperature and humidity controlled drying room.

Are you Looking for the Best Way to Clean an Antique or Contemporary Carpet?

rug cleaning nyc As a rule, rug cleaning is not something that you can do at home with great results. This being the case, if you are looking for the best way to clean a rug in your home, let Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC help. Once you have reached out to us, we will then provide you with the  cleaning expertise which you need to rely upon to keep your rug looking as beautiful and as eye-catching as the day it first graced your floor space. There are many services for rug cleaning in NYC, but choose Fantastic Carpet Cleaning for amazing results. We service Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Bronx. Call us at (646) 661-1147 and book your appointment for a free on site consultation. If you also carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning, we can help too.


We take hassle out of rug cleaning with our free on site estimate and free pick up. Let us do all the hard work.


Before cleaning we dust the rug to remove  loose dirt particles and pre-spay to loosen up stains for easier cleaning.


We immerse your rug in a cleaning pool with our cleanser and hand brush the rug to remove stains,  dirt and odors.


Once cleaning is done we thoroughly rinse your rug and dry rug. Then we call you to set up a delivery date.


We will make an appointment at a time you want. At delivery, we will unroll the rug and lay down just how you want it for free.

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