Pet Stain Removal and Pet Odor Removal

Pet Stain Removal and Pet Odor Removal
Pet Stain Removal and Pet Odor Removal

While pets may be a valued members of the family, the downside of living with them are unpleasant odors and stains. Once they mark their spot, they keep going to same area and making it smellier and more unpleasant to book at. The longer pet urine stays on the fabric, the greater risk for the dye to become damaged. The removal of cat urine is important for the your carpets and rugs because over time it can transform into ammonia salts, which will permanently damage the dye. Fortunately, Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC can remove pet stains and odors safely and effectively. Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC brings to our customers years of experience in pet odor and stain removal in NYC.

Act Fast When You See a Pet Accident

When you see a pet stain you should remove it as fast as possible. Once it sets, it can damage the carpet or rug. Start removing the urine while it is still wet. Blot up the urine with a
paper towel or cloth towel. If the pet is a cat, place the wet paper towels in the litter box. This may cause the cat to come to the litter box and not your carpets and rugs. After your first cleaning, add in fresh water and continue blotting until dry. If you have dark carpets and can smell the urine and not see it, consider buying a UV light to detect the urine. You can buy one off Amazon for about $15. What happens if the urine has already dried? Then you need to use a stronger method of cleaning or consider calling in a stain and odor removal expert such as Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC.
Once the urine is dried you need a solution for the odor and stain. Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC uses an enzyme solutions that eats odor causing bacteria. It is not an instant solution but it will destroy the odor causing bacteria. One solution we do not recommend is covering the smell with an air freshener or deodorizer. That will just cover the smell without removing the urine. Once the deodorizer wears out, the smell will return because the urine is still in the carpet.

How Do You Remove Pet Urine Stains and Pets Odors?

Our professional cleaning machine will inject water and our cleaning solutions into the carpet and vacuum up the detergent, flushing out the urine. If we are cleaning a rug in our factory, we soak it in our cleaning pools. Once the urine is removed, we check if there are still odors and stains. Our professional enzyme solutions eat up odor causing bacteria and we use specialized stain removing solutions to loosen the stain away from the fiber.

Pet stains and odors can make your home look dirty but the smell can spread throughout your entire home. This is embarrassing to your guest and dirty carpets and rugs carry bacteria which are unhealthy for children. It takes time and hard work to remove pet stains and odors. Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC will restore your carpets and rugs and save you hours of hard work.  We are ready to come and give you a free quote. Our staff has years of experience and will make sure your get a optimum cleaning solutions for a great price. We also offer a stain repellent to make clean ups easier for pets and other types of stains.


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