The demand for green or Eco-friendly cleaning solution has rapidly grown in the last decade. The demand for green carpet cleaning in NYC keeps growing every green cleaningyear. There are many reasons for this. Small children or pets can pick up harmful cleaning chemicals by crawling or walking across a wet carpet or from the residue of the chemicals. But for most it is the concern that some cleaning ingredients are harmful and they want their home free of potentially harmful chemicals. In fact dry cleaning chemicals contain these same ingredients whose use and disposal are regulated because of their potential danger to the environment and are considered as hazardous waste. Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC proudly offers Eco-friendly carpet cleaning in NYC for your carpets, rug, upholstery and mattress.

Is Chemical Carpet Cleaning Dangerous?

Toxic fumes released during cleaning, usually by Naphthalene  a carcinogen, pose a danger to children and pet who play on carpets after they’re cleaned and still wet. The fumes can damage kidneys and livers in small children. Another chemical, Perchloroethylene, also can cause kidney and liver damage. Dry Cleaning use these same chemicals and rate as hazard waste and can only be disposed of by a professional waste disposal company. These health concerns drive more and more clients to demand only green cleaning chemicals that are free from toxic and harmful chemicals.

Green Cleaning Now As Effective As Chemical Cleaning

As the demand for Eco-friendly cleaning has grown, the cleaning industry introduced more green alternatives and constantly improved the quality of their detergents. The biggest concern about green cleaning is both the quality of the cleaning and the price. In the past decade green products have improved to the point where they are just as effective as chemical cleaning with little differences in prices.  Even in the difficult area of odor removal the plant based alternatives equal if not surpass  chemical based solutions.

Should you use a green alternative if you need your carpets or upholstery cleaned? Are concerned that green cleaning is just not effective? The new green cleaning solutions are just as effective and will produce excellent results if used by a trained professional. Critics say even if the chemicals are harmful they are not in the amounts that actually pose a danger. But many of our clients say they do not care the size of the amounts.  They feel safer reducing the amount of chemicals in their home by using green cleaners. Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC has years of experience in green cleaning. We use only the best products to keep your home and environment safe and free of harmful chemicals.

If you have any question about the cleaning products in your home you can visit here and look them up.