We Remove Pet Stains and Odors

Pet Stain & Odor Removal
Pet Stain & Odor Removal

If you have pets in your home, you have dealt with pet accidents from a dog or a cat. There are a multitude of products that are marketed to pet owners that promise that they can remove pet stains and odors successfully and easily. While many find these products successful, there many who find them ineffective and leaving them with the problem of how to remove the stains and odors. If you have tried store bought solutions and decide you want a professional for odor removal in NYC, Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC has the skill to remove pet odors permanently.

At Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC, we have found pet owners who just give up and endure the stains and odors. This can lead to a smelly house and pet stains everywhere.  But there is more than just a smelly house at stake. Pets can pass diseases through their urine and feces such as:

Campylobacter infection
Cryptosporidium infection

Once your pet marks the spot, they will keep going back to it again, making it worse.

Why You Need to Remove Pet Urine

Pet urine will also damage the fabric of your carpet or rug. Cat urine can cause natural dyes, such as dyes in Persian and Oriental dyes, to discolor and can lead to color run if the rug gets wet. Cat urine can also set off allergies because of its ammonia smell.

A steam cleaning can alleviate the problem by removing the urine from the surface of the carpet or rug and an enzyme solution can remove most of the odor. The best cleaning process for rugs, however, is soaking the rug, so the detergent and enzyme solution can soak into the pile of the rug. Once the cleaning is done, we rinse the rug to remove the dirty water and flush out the pet odor. Once the pet odor is removed, they will not come back to the same spot and will hopefully use the litter box.

Finally, we can apply Scotchgard if you want additional protection against stains. If your pets urinates on the carpets or rugs again, Scotchgard will resist the urine soaking into the fiber and give you time to remove it.

We Only Use Green Cleaning Solutions

As a pet owner you might be concerned that the carpet cleaning products contain chemicals that are harmful to your pet and you are right that many cleaning solutions have dangerous chemicals in them that could be pick up by your pets and children from a wet carpet. Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC only uses green cleaning solutions that do not contain any harmful chemicals. You will get a great carpet or rug cleaning with our Eco-friendly cleaning technology. We are the top service for odor removal in NYC. If you have more questions, call us and arrange a free onsite inspection.

Carpets and rugs are an expensive investment that must be protected from damage from damage from pets. Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC operates its own rug cleaning factory so you rug will get the best cleaning. With regular professional cleaning you can maintain your carpets and rugs for many years and have a clean and healthy home. Do you need smoke odor removal? We can remove smoke odor and cigarette odor from your home too.


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