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Our Project: Post Construction Clean Up Church After Roof Repair

Post construction cleaning at a church in Queens, NY
Post construction cleaning at a church in Queens, NY

A church in Queens recently repaired its roof. While the construction crew did lay down plastic, dust from the roof repair still spread through the church and left debris on the carpets and the pews. The church called us for help and, after we gave an estimate for post construction clean up, hired us for the cleaning project.

Like most post construction clean up jobs, it is not just the dust from cutting wood and drywall, but oils, paint and grease that stained the carpets and pews. The first step was to vacuum up the loose debris but also locate and pre-treat stains. Grease, paint and oil stains are difficult to remove. Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC uses spot cleaning solutions to loosen the stains from carpet and make them easier to remove during the cleaning. Then we use a pre-spray designed to remove traffic stains. Since this was a church, several traffic areas had ground in dust that needed spot cleaning treatment. We sprayed the areas with our pre-spray to loosen up the dirt and grime. After giving the cleaning solutions enough dwell time to soak into the stains and break them down, we started our shampoo cleaning process.

What Are the Differences Between Steam and Shampoo Cleaning?

Steam carpet cleaning is the most popular commercial cleaning because it is very affordable. A commercial cleaner use a professional steam cleaning

machine to spray hot water on the carpet and then vacuum it up. This cleaning is great for removing dust, pollen and even light stains such as from traffic wear. Steam cleaning, however, only cleans the surface of the carpet and is not effective at removing juice and pet stains.

Shampoo carpet cleaning reaches deeper in the pile. Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC adds an Eco-friendly carpet shampoo as well as an enzyme odor killer into the cleaning solution. The shampoo will penetrate deep in the pile and trap dust into the cleaning solution, which makes for easy removal with our industrial strength vacuum machine. The shampoo will also loosen up and remove stains, odors and pet urine. For most commercial jobs we recommend shampoo cleaning because foot traffic and coffee stains quickly ruin office carpets and are eyesores to visitors and employees.

After the pre-cleaning solutions were given enough dwell time to loosen up the different types of stains, we started our shampoo cleaning of the carpet and pews. Thanks to our comprehensive pre-treatment process, the shampoo cleaning removed the stains quickly and the carpets look better than ever. Our cleaning brought out the deep red color of the carpets again.

With the carpet done, we placed the pews back in position. We pre-sprayed and then shampooed them. Finally, we cleaned the alter. We always give the alter a careful cleaning because it is so important to the church. We make sure that it looks immaculate. Because churches are important to the community, we give a 10% discount to churches. We have cleaned places of worship of many faiths, including Catholic and Baptists Churches, Mosques, Jehovah Witnesses, and many more.

Can I Get a Free Quote for Post Construction Clean Up?

Absolutely! Just call us at (646) 661-1147 and we can arrange a free onsite quote Monday to Saturday. Does your building require insurance? Just provide us with the sample COI from your building and we will send over a COI for the job. We have cleaned everything from studio apartments to 30 story buildings. We will quickly clean up the post construction mess and get your home or office back to normal. Call Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC today for a free quote.


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