Do You Need Commercial Carpet Cleaning in NYC?

Our spot removal is Fantastic! Call us for a free carpet cleaning quote in NYC
Our spot removal is Fantastic! Call us for a free carpet cleaning quote in NYC

Need your office cleaned in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx in NYC? Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC has cleaned and maintained offices and buildings of every size. Whether it is a small single room office or an entire building in Manhattan, we have the staff and cleaning technology to get your office carpets, upholstery and rugs clean and remove the traffic wear and stains. Is your building facing inspection? We have cleaned dozens of buildings and passed every inspection. Your employees and clients will appreciate the cleanliness of your office and leave a positive impression on your visitors.

Offices, even with regular cleaning, can look dirty quickly. Foot traffic can create unsightly areas with dirt and grime. Worst of all, employees can spill coffee or drop food on the carpet, causing staining and odor. Most commercial carpet cleaning companies use a buffering machine for commercial carpets. The advantage for them is that it cleans fast and quickly. The downside for the client is that it cleans only the surface of the carpet, so it looks clean. Unfortunately, the dust and dirt is still there. They just push the dirt from the top of the carpet to the bottom. As a result, your carpets and rugs are still dusty and can release dust and allergens into the air.

Why Call Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC?

If your carpets have heavy traffic stains, we will use a buffing machine to remove the stains. But we don’t stop there! Fantastic will use extraction cleaning methods to make to make your carpets clean not just on the surface but deep in the fiber as well. We use steam cleaning machines that inject our cleaning solutions into the carpet. As the solutions traps the dirt and dust, we vacuum up the water into our machines, removing the dust. Do you have stains or odors?  Our shampoo cleaning is our most powerful cleaning solution.  We add an Eco-friendly detergent which will loosen stains from the carpet and an enzyme odor killer to destroy odor causing bacteria.

We know that as a business you do not want to disrupt your workday. We can accommodate your needs by scheduling the job after business hours and on weekends. We are fully insured and can provide the insurance documents for your building if needed.

Ready to Make an Appointment?

Are you ready to move ahead towards a clean office? You can call us at (646) 661-1147 and we can book an appointment at a time that will be convenient to you. We can arrange a time where we can come by and inspect your location. After we finish with our inspection, we will provide a free quote. We can discuss the different types of cleaning you will need and fit your budget. We place a high priority on giving our clients a great price and a great service. That is why our commercial cleaning clients keep calling us back. We give them a price and a quality of service that our competitors cannot match. Call today and find why we are the fastest growing carpet cleaning company in NYC


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