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Want to Get Best Rug Cleaning in Brooklyn?

Whether you have a large or small rug, removing dust in rugs can be a complicated task. Even with regular cleaning, your rug will still get dirty over time. If you want to remove dirt from your rug as well as  stains and odors it may have picked up, you need to call Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC for the  top rug cleaning company in Brooklyn NY.

Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC offers you with the best rug cleaning Brooklyn has to offer. Our rug cleaning service is a fast and affordable way to remove the stains and dirt from your rug. With free pick and delivery, we do all the hard work. We will remove all the furniture off the rug and, when we deliver back your clean rug, we will place it back just how you want it. Do you have a Persian or Oriental rug that needs cleaning? We have years of experience in cleaning handmade rugs and our cleaning processes for rugs will give your Persian rug a deep cleaning that is safe yet thorough.

Why Choose Us?

Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC uses only the best rug cleaning methods and techniques for the best results possible. At Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC, we inspect each rug and utilize the best cleaning method. All rugs need a cleaning method that fits their construction and fabric or it can be damaged during cleaning.  The way you clean a Persian rug is very different compared to a shag rug.

Are you concerned that your Persian or Oriental rug will get damaged during cleaning? Our staff has years of experience and expertise to give your rug a thorough but delicate cleaning. For a deep cleaning we use an immersive cleaning pool where we soak the rug in a mild cleaning solution and use a brush to work the cleansers deep into the rug pile. This is the best way to clean Persian and Oriental rugs because of their thick pile. During the soaking period we add an odor killer to remove pet and other types of odors. Our Eco-friendly shampoo will loosen dust, pollen and stains from the rug fiber and trap in the solution for removal during rinsing. Throughout the entire process we use only cold water to prevent shrinkage. After cleaning we rinse the rug to remove the dirty cleaning solution, we dry it out using industrial air fans. Once the rug is dry, we roll it up and package it in plastic and call you to arrange a delivery date and time. You can shop around but for Oriental and Persian rug cleaning in Brooklyn, but we are the best thanks to our great staff and rug cleaning experience.

How We Clean Rugs

With all the many rug cleaning companies out there, Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC provides you with the highest quality service. There are many reasons why we offer the most-satisfying rug cleaning service in Brooklyn and the NYC area.

  • Reputation – Our clients have rated Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC as a leading and most reliable company to offer the rug cleaning service.
  • Increase the Life of Your Rug – Dust increases the amount of wear and tear on rug due to daily foot traffic. By keeping your rug free of dust the fibers stay strong and will last longer.
  • Convenience – We can help you save your time and energy. With our knowledge we can give your rug a great cleaning and make sure the best cleaning procedures are used to prevent any damage to the rug.
  • The Best Equipment and Cleaning Supplies – We implement only the safest and highest quality cleaning methods and use our rug cleaning technology to achieve amazing cleaning results. Other companies cut corners and do not produce the results they promised you.
  • Service Quality – Once you hire our expert rug cleaners you can be sure that their work will meet your standards.  We inspect each rug after cleaning to make sure it meets our high standards for cleaning.

Now that you know what Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC can do for you, give us a call and you will get the best rug cleaning in Brooklyn for a great price. Feel free to call us at 1-646-661-1147 and we will answer all your questions about our services.

We take hassle out of rug cleaning with our free on site estimate and free pick up. Let us do all the hard work.
We immerse your rug in a cleaning pool with our cleanser and hand brush the rug to remove stains, dirt and odors.
Before cleaning we dust the rug to remove loose dirt particles and pre-spay to loosen up stains for easier cleaning.
Once cleaning is done we thoroughly rinse your rug and dry rug. Then we call you to set up a delivery date.
We will make an appointment at a time you want. At delivery, we will unroll the rug and lay down just how you want it for free.

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Contact us now to get quote

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Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC
Drop-off location:
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